Funky beats make tasty treats.

My definition of a pleasant surprise is unexpectedly partying to a live set by Wolfgang Gartner, and so went Wednesday night. With only a few hours notice, I found myself on South Beach getting down to some funky beats provided by this top house DJ. He performed to a packed club at LIV, where lit-up dome ceilings provided a technicolor substitute for the night sky, and if you could find the room to shake your hips you were unable to stop. 

For a short and sweet little taste of Wolfgang Gartner's style, check out his version of the original 5th Symphony below. Fortunately, one track does not do this guy's style justice; he's a man of many tricks when it comes to making you move your feet. So, I added a couple more gems, to get you on your way to a dance party of your own.

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Twenty Three White Balloons.

How many clubs can you name that have thrived for more than 20 years? The list is short, and Respectable Street Cafe is on it. The past few posts have been heavy on the Respectables, but that's mostly because the club managed to turn the month of July into one non-stop party. From performances by Black Kids and Sleigh Bells, to guest DJ's like Jason Tyler; they concluded the month by celebrating their 23rd year on the scene. As expected, this was the rowdiest party of all; shutting down a city block and enlisting 23 bands to play all night long- well, until around one a.m., and then the DJ's took over.