Heads up!

When the wolves came marching in, there was hardly anyone there to see it. But it's like that old saying, when a tree falls in the forest, yes- it still makes a lot of noise. And so, Wolf Parade did not stumble, they acknowledged the practically empty theatre at the Fillmore last week and promised to still play an awesome show, complete with barefoot guitarist and footstool fondling keyboardist.
But I digress, all of this musical goodness is not what I came here to share. This is a little heads up! warning you of my upcoming silence. The time for finals is near, along with something far more exciting.. can you guess what it is? I'll give you a clue: it starts with Art and ends with Basel. It is probably clear now that I must cram to get this frivolous schoolwork done in order to bring you a full account of everything Basel next month. 
So just hang tight, I'll be back.


Give me all your candy.

G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y = Sexiest-psychedelic-60s-mod-electro-synth-pop-duo-from-the-future..
..but their look is not contrived and neither is their sound. Trying to count every electropop group that wears outlandish outfits in attempt to overshadow the fact that their music is unoriginal, is like trying to count the stars in the universe. Ida No and Johnny Jewel are chic badasses whose clothes are just the physical extension of their music, the way God intended- undoubtedly original, inimitable and laced with poetic lyrics. Aside from passion, there resides a retro feel in everything they do, and simultaneously the understanding that they could not have occurred anytime but now, or sometime on the horizon. 


boys noize. Boys Noize. BOYS NOIZE.

Say it three times and he shall appear. Well, it was said many-a-time in the debate over whether to attend Crookers at LIV or Boys Noize at Mansion. As you can see here (because you're so smart) Boys Noize was victorious, and he most certainly played like a champ. The Deutschland DJ opened with Kontact Me and closed to My Moon My Man, which to put it plainly- was AWESOME -on both accounts. While it was rather enjoyable sitting comfortably onstage while he played those spine twisting beats, crawling into the middle of the club to feel the sounds bear down on you from all directions and watch baffling images flash before your eyes on massive screens, was nothing short of phenomenal. 


Gettin' spooky time.

Black bodysuits and blonde wigs, cat eyes and cat ears, Vanilla Ice and David Bowie. Oh, you guessed it - this weekend brought All Hallow's Eve, once again. Time to scramble at the last minute for a costume. Your goal: to emulate a character you don't really think is all that exciting, until you paint those whiskers on your face and little did you know how suddenly you can transform into a cat. Or Vanilla Ice. On holidays like this it, it always seems that expectations outweigh the evening's outcome. So, a word of advice - make no preconceived notions or potions and fly wherever your broom takes you on this particularly enchanted night.

Franco Flux

A little recap of the Halloween experience you see here: Hood Cat and Aquaria, the all-powerful sea-goddess, first made an attempt to party at one buzzed about location. But, rather than waste time waiting on line for an elevator to take us to a crowded room, we decided to take off like bats into the night. It just so happened my bat mobile was parked in front of Mokai, where a friend was DJing. So, we galavanted on in and were pleasantly surprised by the excellent music and lack of uncomfortably close and sweaty people thirsty for drinks. 

From there we ventured onward into the darkness, and alas we ended up at Electric Pickle. We swooped in during the set of Holy Ghost! having missed Afrobeta. But lest I remind you, no notions or potions. Actually, yes, partake in notions AND potions. Anyway, Holy Ghost! played a very enjoyable set and they were followed up by Depressed Buttons (a project born from three of the guys from The Faint). Most everyone was wearing a mask or make-up that had partially melted from their face, but that didn't detract from the impression they gave, that they were all having a scarily good time.

Holy Ghost!

Depressed Buttons

Cuci Amadaor of Afrobeta