Give me all your candy.

G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y = Sexiest-psychedelic-60s-mod-electro-synth-pop-duo-from-the-future..
..but their look is not contrived and neither is their sound. Trying to count every electropop group that wears outlandish outfits in attempt to overshadow the fact that their music is unoriginal, is like trying to count the stars in the universe. Ida No and Johnny Jewel are chic badasses whose clothes are just the physical extension of their music, the way God intended- undoubtedly original, inimitable and laced with poetic lyrics. Aside from passion, there resides a retro feel in everything they do, and simultaneously the understanding that they could not have occurred anytime but now, or sometime on the horizon. 

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