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"The first progressive step for a mind overwhelmed by the strangeness of things is to realize that this feeling of strangeness is shared with all men and that human reality, in its entirety, suffers from the distance which separates it from the rest of the universe." Albert Camus

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Thanks, Hal.

Perhaps it can be owed to the semester-long journey from Phlogiston theory to Quantum Mechanics that I've managed to evolve into a bit of a sci-fi fan.. okay, nerd. And perhaps escaping my formerly barren understanding of these realms somewhat lent itself to the extreme enjoyment I got out of watching Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, sprawled out on my bed, post-24-hour-finals-cram-session. Then again, it could have simply been all of the pretty colors, and Mr. Kubrick's nifty camerawork.