More trumpet always trumps less.

Jason Tyler stopped by Respectable Street Thursday night along his Dance Party OMG tour. He returned seven months after a stellar night last December to an audience anticipating an equally energetic performance, and he delivered. 
Listen for a few moments, and it's easy, almost impossible not to quickly become a fan. Tyler's style is unique, interjecting solo trumpet breaks throughout his otherwise non-stop dance party (OMG) sets. Personally, as a former band geek, anytime a performer busts out an unexpected instrument, my feet get dancing.

Jason Tyler

Because both performances were particularly enjoyable, I went fishing through my files and found photos from the December show. I've been inspired to post some in addition to those from last night, for your viewing pleasure. And, if you'd like to hear some of Tyler's jams (for your listening pleasure), you can find him on hypem.com - but nothing beats seeing the show for yourself. 


Moving Pictures.

My time condemned to the indoors, anxiously awaiting a friend to swing by, scoop me up and carry me off on an adventure (and there have been a few these past three months), is coming to a close. Finally, I regain my freedom, my ability to jump in my car in a flash, and embark on whatever fantastic voyage the world holds waiting for me in its hands.

Nothing beats the liberation of taking off when you least expect it and taking in the excitement of the moment. You feel the vibration in your bones, the pounding in your heart, the butterflies in your stomach; your brain is buzzing and you just know you're in for something good. An ethereal song lends itself to the quiet anticipation of whatever thrills await you. Cruising at a steady pace down a deserted and never - ending road, while catching glimpse of a breathtaking vista, sunset or on the rare occasion, sunrise ...how can you beat it? The euphoria and serenity of knowing you are where you're supposed to be at that moment in time makes arriving at your destination that much more exceptional once you get there.

I have put together a miniature play list, special for you, of my some of my long - time and recent favorites, for moments like these. So, do me a favor and turn it up, roll down your windows and enjoy the ride.

Create a playlist at MixPod.com


Set that crown on the ground, and listen up.

Sometimes the size of the stage is inversely proportionate to the size of the performance. Such was the case with Sleigh Bells, or should I say Slay Fucking Bells, Thursday night at Respectable Street (my aforementioned, most frequented haunt). The crunk - rock - electro duo from Brooklyn performed to a sold out audience, crammed into the inferno that was the dance-floor. "Florida is fucking hot!" shouted vocalist Alexis Krauss, which was a bit of an understatement; but that did not stop her from throwing herself all over the stage and into the audience while guitarist Derek Miller understatedly played perfect guitar alongside her. Other bands that played included Goolsby, Nerve City and Po - Po.

Immediately after Sleigh Bells finished their last song, Crown on the Ground, resident DJ JJ Contramus segued into Major Lazer - Pon de Floor. And, as bloody hot as it was, people remained on the dance-floor and continued shaking their bums for the rest of the night.


You sly fox.

I'd like to live inside Wes Anderson's head. Or, better yet, have him design the world I live in. I have come to this obvious conclusion, whilst on my maniacal summer film spree. The number of movies I have seen in a two month period probably approaches a number somewhere above 150, no joke. And, of all directors, I have indulged in his films most heavily - most recently Fantastic Mr. Fox. Ask me what draws me to them more; the soundtracks, the set design, the wardrobes, the story lines or the dark wit; and I'd be hard pressed to rank one over another. Did I mention, also, the fantastic troupe that plays basically one rearranged, dysfunctional family from film to film?

In Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the children's novel by Roald Dahl, we get to see all of the wondrous goodness that is the Anderson style, in the glory of stop - motion animation. What it comes down to, in a very large nutshell, is that I am attracted to the almost obsessive-copulsive attention to every detail throughout any of Anderson's films. Anyway, who isn't a sucker for a sharp dressed fox? 

Now, before I leave I must mention my favorite of the lot, even though I'd rather not rank them. The Life Aquatic - every scene is almost absurd enough you could believe it. I'd also like to live wherever they have those adorable little sea creatures. 


"Do all of the interns get glocks?"