You sly fox.

I'd like to live inside Wes Anderson's head. Or, better yet, have him design the world I live in. I have come to this obvious conclusion, whilst on my maniacal summer film spree. The number of movies I have seen in a two month period probably approaches a number somewhere above 150, no joke. And, of all directors, I have indulged in his films most heavily - most recently Fantastic Mr. Fox. Ask me what draws me to them more; the soundtracks, the set design, the wardrobes, the story lines or the dark wit; and I'd be hard pressed to rank one over another. Did I mention, also, the fantastic troupe that plays basically one rearranged, dysfunctional family from film to film?

In Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the children's novel by Roald Dahl, we get to see all of the wondrous goodness that is the Anderson style, in the glory of stop - motion animation. What it comes down to, in a very large nutshell, is that I am attracted to the almost obsessive-copulsive attention to every detail throughout any of Anderson's films. Anyway, who isn't a sucker for a sharp dressed fox? 

Now, before I leave I must mention my favorite of the lot, even though I'd rather not rank them. The Life Aquatic - every scene is almost absurd enough you could believe it. I'd also like to live wherever they have those adorable little sea creatures. 


"Do all of the interns get glocks?"



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