More trumpet always trumps less.

Jason Tyler stopped by Respectable Street Thursday night along his Dance Party OMG tour. He returned seven months after a stellar night last December to an audience anticipating an equally energetic performance, and he delivered. 
Listen for a few moments, and it's easy, almost impossible not to quickly become a fan. Tyler's style is unique, interjecting solo trumpet breaks throughout his otherwise non-stop dance party (OMG) sets. Personally, as a former band geek, anytime a performer busts out an unexpected instrument, my feet get dancing.

Jason Tyler

Because both performances were particularly enjoyable, I went fishing through my files and found photos from the December show. I've been inspired to post some in addition to those from last night, for your viewing pleasure. And, if you'd like to hear some of Tyler's jams (for your listening pleasure), you can find him on hypem.com - but nothing beats seeing the show for yourself. 

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  1. I love you Amanda:) Loving the pics!! Have fun in Miami