Moving Pictures.

My time condemned to the indoors, anxiously awaiting a friend to swing by, scoop me up and carry me off on an adventure (and there have been a few these past three months), is coming to a close. Finally, I regain my freedom, my ability to jump in my car in a flash, and embark on whatever fantastic voyage the world holds waiting for me in its hands.

Nothing beats the liberation of taking off when you least expect it and taking in the excitement of the moment. You feel the vibration in your bones, the pounding in your heart, the butterflies in your stomach; your brain is buzzing and you just know you're in for something good. An ethereal song lends itself to the quiet anticipation of whatever thrills await you. Cruising at a steady pace down a deserted and never - ending road, while catching glimpse of a breathtaking vista, sunset or on the rare occasion, sunrise ...how can you beat it? The euphoria and serenity of knowing you are where you're supposed to be at that moment in time makes arriving at your destination that much more exceptional once you get there.

I have put together a miniature play list, special for you, of my some of my long - time and recent favorites, for moments like these. So, do me a favor and turn it up, roll down your windows and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Yay for this Hood Rat Stuff Blog!!! SUPER DUPER LOVE IT HOT STUFF! HOLLA! xoxoxox