Drink like a Polynesian King.

A series of unexpected encounters and a haphazard route through the streets of downtown last night, led to the discovery of a brand new little treasure called Kavasutra. I must admit that while I am not a kava virgin, I am not what you would call experienced, either. We spotted the kava bar while crossing the street to my most frequented haunt and immediately decided to take a detour. The dimly lit Polynesian style lounge, and memories of sipping the magic root once before, was too alluring to ignore. 

If this sounds like jibberish, and you have never heard of kava or experienced it's magical effects, let me quickly enlighten you. It looks like mud, it's tastes like mud, but upon first sip you realize mud it is not. Your tongue falls into a sudden coma - not an Elmer Fudd speech impediment coma but a pleasant, tingly numbness. Your body slips into a warm state of relaxation and you are completely at ease with the people around you. All of this occurs while you maintain total mental clarity. For these reasons, the original South Pacific growers and drinkers of the root used it during social, religious and political events. 

In the classic fashion of kava drinkers for hundreds of years before us in far away lands; we basked in positive energies, made friends with the rather experienced drinkers beside us, and gulped down the muddy water with smiles on our faces. The only thing left to say- was Cheers!

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