A successful experiment.

Positive feelings were all over the place for Tokyo Police Club and Passion Pit Sunday night in South Beach. People came out on their crutches in the fours! TPC played a solid set which (as most of the people I attended the show with were of this variety), I know even non-followers enjoyed.

"It's not the moonlight the sets me off
it's not the morning that makes me scoff"
-Nature of the Experiment

I must admit I was a tinge insulted when Michael Angelakos, lead singer for Passion Pit announced this was the band's first time in Miami. They killed it at Ultra in March. Killed it. (This was why I was here as I'd be willing to guess were many others.) Fortunately he corrected himself within one song and the band went on to play an energetic show with dancing bodies all over the theatre.

The view from the Broken Bones section:

To my personal excitement the band performed their cover of the cult classic "Zombie." The night was packed with nothing but young, happy, sweaty people all around and there's not much else to say.

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