Heads up!

When the wolves came marching in, there was hardly anyone there to see it. But it's like that old saying, when a tree falls in the forest, yes- it still makes a lot of noise. And so, Wolf Parade did not stumble, they acknowledged the practically empty theatre at the Fillmore last week and promised to still play an awesome show, complete with barefoot guitarist and footstool fondling keyboardist.
But I digress, all of this musical goodness is not what I came here to share. This is a little heads up! warning you of my upcoming silence. The time for finals is near, along with something far more exciting.. can you guess what it is? I'll give you a clue: it starts with Art and ends with Basel. It is probably clear now that I must cram to get this frivolous schoolwork done in order to bring you a full account of everything Basel next month. 
So just hang tight, I'll be back.

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