This is not a recipe.

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to. 
Okay, that's not my line but it sure seemed appropriate (thanks, Timbaland). Let me begin by saying: just because you have been without knowledge of Hood Rat activities for almost a month, does not mean they are not happening. So let me assure you, my absence is not without good reason. 
In the past month; I have uprooted my (half-broken) feet from a sleepy little place no one over the age of 12 or under the age of 60 should spend too much time, picked up my notebook and No. 2 pencils, and relocated to a slightly larger town you may be familiar with. Maybe you know it from a Will Smith song, or a television show from the '80s. Miami Vice, ring a bell?

Oh yes, Miami! 

The infamous city filled with half-naked tourists, palm trees, fake tits, Spanish accents, art deco everything, and cuban food on every corner; is officially mi nueva ciudad. 

Now, other than catching a Golden Filter show a couple of weeks ago (photos above), I haven't truly sunk my teeth into this city, yet. So, abandoned by my favorite lady (insert sad face) for the week, my own personal super-man came over and cooked up some delicious kind of meal (for us to sink our teeth into). What it was I have no idea, or rather, no desire to put a name on it. A concoction involving tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, red potatoes, rosemary, lemon and chicken. I do believe that is all the necessary information. We also ate it on the floor. Why not? Like I said, this is not a recipe.

This scattered entry is just to inform you of one thing. Hood Rat Stuff is back in business. New and Improved. Hood Rat Stuff 2.0. The Miami Edition. More Hood than ever before. 
Catch my drift? 
In keeping with the theme of themelessness, ponder this: What do Henry VIII,  styrofoam beer coolers, and the Miami skyline all have in common? 

Not much, except they all like to party. Get ready, Miami.

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