Never fear a beautiful thing.

Time for another fantastic-amazing-show-recap-photo-post. After a disappointing night out Saturday, I was itching for some sweet tunes by Miami Horror come Wednesday night. The news that the Australian band would be making their way to our shores reached my ears a little over a month ago, and from that moment I was determined to make it to the show. So, with total disregard for the fact mi amiga had class at nine a.m. and I a job interview at noon; we made our way out to catch the stellar performance, sometime after midnight.

Now, since you asked; yes, partying with a band from Australia, named Miami Horror, in the heart of Miami- is slightly ironic. Needless to say, I was inclined to ask keyboardist Benjamin Plant what inspired the rather dope (me, biased? nooo) name. To paraphrase: after considering the bright, iconic imagery that comes to mind when one thinks of Miami, he began throwing it together with a variety of words. Eventually, "horror" occurred to him (probably after a considerable amount of time spent scanning the dictionary... kidding). Anyway, we all know what imagery comes to mind when one hears the word horror: goblins, ghouls and ghosts, oh my! Mr. Plant particularly liked the contrast of the two words in conjunction with one another, and so the name Miami Horror was born. Alas, now they were here and living it. 

Head over to the amazing woman above's blog the nomadic files and you might find some more photos from this same evening. Either way, there are lots of other pretty things for you to enjoy, so do yourself a favor and check it out. 


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