They like it when you lose control.

Hmm.. What to say about Yeasayer? 
Unfortunately, a lack of computer access has forced you to wait almost an entire week since the show for a recap. Needless to say, things have happened in the past week and my short-term memory has grown foggy. But fortunately, the coveted Macbook is now mine, so these long lapses between posts shall occur no more.
Anyway, back to the show- or rather, what I can remember of it. Flustered, we ran in the door, first to the bathroom, then to the bar, then to the theatre and arrived during the performance of their first song. It was something good, I swear, but as aforementioned, it's hard to remember what it was, exactly. Also, I have a big problem watching a show and knowing the name of each song in the heat of the moment. To be honest I don't even bother trying to remember, 'tis better just to enjoy the magical sounds penetrating your eardrums and swaying your hips, no? Something told me they wouldn't play each track as they do on the album, and I was right. For a majority of the songs, they snuck in long and dreamy musical breaks that really made you feel like you were getting your money's worth. My friends and I had looked forward to this show since back in the days of my boot and the Passion Pit show, who also performed at The Fillmore, so it was a surprise upon entering to find that the place was fairly empty. Not that I mind of course, cooler air and more space to play is all this translated to for me. In the end, Yeasayer chucked us out, a troupe of happy campers.

Granted, this is a very edited down compilation of pictures from the night- there were about 250 from the show and after-party, it would probably be a bit excessive to post them all. After the most enjoyable of nights, I tend to either wake up to almost no pictures, or what seems like a minute-by-minute photo documentary. This night fell into the latter category. 
After the show, we made our way over to a pretty rad little bar called Kill Your Idol, laden with shark heads eating dolls, arcade games, moon men hanging from the ceiling, and about a million other unexpected oddities I probably didn't even notice. 

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