Would you like to take a trip?

Step aboard this abandoned gypsy bus. 
In reality it goes nowhere. In your mind, it can take you anywhere. While you lounge around on orange and red moroccan pillows, you consider the possibilities. Eventually the air becomes a bit stuffy and you realize it is time to step outside and explore whatever mirage awaits just outside those bus doors. While your imagination could have driven you anywhere, tonight it has brought you here, to this magical little garden. 
There are no flowers to smell, or fruits and vegetables to nourish you here. You are not too sure why the bus has taken you to this place on this particular evening, but you're not going to ask. It belongs there. You belong here.
Then you understand- a large, old and presumably wise tree grows from the corner. A tree so large, it alone embodies the enchanted world you were looking for. It has knobby roots which grow above and below the ground, beckoning you closer. The branches and leaves form a dense canopy that reaches out enveloping you, welcoming you to stay a while and begging the question: Why would you ever leave? 
For tonight only, this ancient tree has permitted humans to assemble beneath its branches. A wooden platform is erected that, were its surface not flat, you could swear grew from the tree itself. Upon this platform, a set of DJ equipment awaits humans hands to set the albums spinning in motion. Cords and cables intertwine with the plants at the base of the trunk and the Spanish Moss dangling from the branches above. As soon as the DJ enters the arms of the tree, it comes alive. 

The photos below are from the performance of Marley Carroll at the end of the night. His was my personal favorite, the music seemed to belong in that moment so much so that the trees even seemed to sway to his beats.

Now, while this enchanted enclave is where you may have landed, and where you no doubt will return before your departure, inside exists another world which you must experience as well. A man by the name of Otto Von Schirach is present, and there to blow your mind. The freak-show inhabiting the stage consists of alligators and crocodiles, an illuminated-staff-weilding wizard, a skeleton with face painted black, and several other unmentionable beings. The music is loud, so loud you may never be able to hear anything again, and the noise in your ears will never allow you to forget the images you've seen. 
A word of advice, attempting to recount these visions and sounds will most likely compel your friends and family to lock you in a mental ward, so you probably shouldn't even bother.

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